Charles Brody

Name Charles Brody

From: Forest Park, GA

Twitter @ImpactTrojan

Job: Co-Host of Slamdown Show Impact Wrestling Review, Slamdown & Impact Fan Nation writer, and Impact Fan Nation Admin





I’ve been a wrestling fan for 27 years. I began watching watching WWF, NWA, & USWA in the late 80s and WCW in the early 90s. Curt “Mr. Perfect” Henning was the character that drew me to professional wrestling and Scott Hall is my all-time favorite wrestler. Tag team wrestling is my favorite to watch. WWF was my favorite wrestling company growing up until the Monday Night Wars. During that time, WCW stole my heart as I was a HUGE nWo and Goldberg fan. Now, I’m an avid Impact Wrestling fan and advocate, I love independent wrestling, I love what the United Kingdom is doing, and I’m partial to the WWE product, but I keep up with the company. With the near death of kayfabe, I enjoy all of inner workings of the wrestling business and aspire to get into the business on a journalism level.